Sunday, May 22

Covid-19: towards the end of the Omicron variant in France?

What if the wave of the Omicron variant was soon over? While the figures announced by Public Health France are down, epidemiologist Martin Blachier confirms this trend, based on the Obépine network, this scientific network which monitors the presence of the coronavirus in wastewater.

“It’s clearly the end of the Omicron wave,” announced Martin Blachier on Twitter. Adding that “we must change our attitude to this virus and normalize the life of the French. As do other enlightened democracies.

A declaration which falls at the very moment when Parliament has definitively adopted, by a last vote of the Assembly, the controversial bill establishing the vaccination pass from the age of 16.

Concretely, the incidence rates seem to have been falling for several days in certain regions of France. This is shown by the figures from the epidemiological observatory responsible for monitoring wastewater. “This would indicate that the rate of contamination would begin to drop” explains Imad Kansau, infectious disease specialist at the Antoine-Béclère hospital in Clamart (Hauts-de-Seine).

And although hospitalizations continue to increase, critical care admissions have been falling throughout France for forty-eight hours. Likewise, the number of visits to the emergency room for Covid-19 infections has also been decreasing for the past few days.

This Sunday, January 16, 1,029 new patients were admitted to hospital in the space of twenty-four hours and 3,852 people, suffering from a serious form of Covid, are hospitalized in intensive care units.

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