Sunday, May 22

Unusual. To avoid being infected with Covid, she puts her 13-year-old teenager in the trunk

In early January, Sarah Beam, 41, took her 13-year-old son to be (re)tested… to see if he was still positive for Covid-19. On the spot, she informed the nursing staff that it was in the trunk of the car, because she did not want to be infected!

As a result, the police were notified. This mother, a teacher in the Houston area, in Texas (United States), was charged with “endangering a child”, reports The Guardian (in English).

Sarah Beam was taken into custody for an hour and then posted an exit bond of 1,500 dollars (1,320 euros), specifies the Click2Houston site.

Fortunately, the child was not injured … The story does not say if he tested positive a second time but we imagine not: still according to the American media, the boy made the return trip. .. in the backseat of his mother’s car.

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