Sunday, May 22

– All of the interior and fixtures were white and gave associations to hospitals

The only problem with Mrs. Bugge’s new home was that everything was white. That soon changed when the colorful artist moved in with his art.

In the living room is a used dining room that Bugge has provided. It is made by Amish people in the United States. The table can be pulled out over the entire living room and make room for many guests. Both new and old art reign on the walls.

– Here everything is a little shaky and a little crooked. I’m anything but a minimalist, and I do not like tight lines. At least not in my own home. One of the things I fell for at the house is that it has a soul, says Hilde Bugge. Together with her husband, she became the owner of a small Swiss villa-like house from 1910 on the outskirts of Lillestrøm town in September 2020.

“Not to brag, but to look around!”

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