Friday, May 27

Are you going to a party in the book industry in the future? Then you must follow rules that will counteract sexual harassment.

The book industry’s social strata are legendary, but are also an arena for sexual harassment. New regulations will counteract this.

Aschehoug’s garden party is one of the most famous social arenas in the book industry. Hundreds of authors and other cultural personalities gather here. The book industry believes that sexual harassment occurs all too often at such social gatherings. Here from one of the more humid sessions, in 2016. The picture is an illustration and Aftenposten has no basis for claiming that there were problematic events during this session.

– We must have a culture where we know what is right and wrong. It should never pay to be an asshole, says Heidi Austlid.

She leads the Publishers’ Association. About a year ago, she received the answers from a survey that shook. Around 2000 people in the book industry had answered:

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