Monday, May 16

Demonstration of teachers scheduled for Thursday in Paris: the legal deadline for declaration not respected

While several teachers’ unions have planned to meet this Thursday, January 20 in the streets of the capital to demand “strong responses to the chaos caused by the health crisis”, the police headquarters announced on Tuesday evening that the required declaration of manifestation did not respect the legal deadline.

Concretely, as the press release made public on Tuesday explains, “the Prefect of Police indicates that he did not ban the demonstration on Thursday January 20, declared by FSU, Sud Education, FO, CGT Education and the FCPE this January 18, 2022”.

However, the police prefecture says it received the declaration of demonstration this Tuesday at “12:20 p.m.”, which goes against the law which “requires the declaration of demonstrations within a period of more than three days”.

Faced with this breach of the regulations, the Prefect of Police “found that the legal deadlines were not respected and that he could therefore not issue a receipt”.

“drawing the consequences of the law”

As stipulated in the Penal Code, the organizers of a demonstration whose declaration is non-compliant incur up to six months in prison and a fine of 7,500 euros. In addition, participants risk a fine of 135 euros.

The Prefect of Police ensures that it is up to “the organizers to draw the consequences of the law”. While the CGT considers this decision “unacceptable”, the union Force Ouvrière (FO) says “maintain its wish to gather in front of the Ministry of Education, that same day, Thursday”.

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