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Justice. She had suffocated her baby, Aliana: the infanticidal mother sentenced to 18 years in prison

She had suffocated her daughter, at nine months old: Nicole Follet, 25, was sentenced on Tuesday to 18 years in prison by the North Assize Court for the murder of her baby in 2018.

The court also found her guilty of “habitual violence”, for three episodes prior to the murder, during which she had suffocated the child before resuscitating her, “by shaking her”, according to her confession. On her release from prison, she will have to undergo six years of socio-judicial follow-up.

Asphyxiation for at least “two to three minutes”

On May 29, 2018, the emergency services discovered little Aliana inanimate around 4 a.m., at her parents’ home in Saint-Amand-les-Eaux (North), victim of asphyxiation for at least “two to three minutes”, according to the lawyers.

That night, Nicole Follet accuses her companion, David, who, having returned late and drunk from an evening at his brother’s house, would have become violent and would have suffocated the child. During a second audition, she changed the version, believing that she had been able to suffocate the child by accident with her belly baby carrier, on the way home.

“I did something stupid”

The investigation then focuses on the personality of this ex-child in care, victim of violence and incest in childhood, then mistreated by her first foster family, before finding refuge with Mrs. C., a childminder whom she calls “her aunt”. She also says she was abused by high school classmates.

It is at “her aunt’s” that she will confess, more than a year after the facts. “I made a big mistake”, she let go, admitting to having suffocated the child with a pillow to “no longer hear” her crying.

An apology to Aliana’s father

Erased and head down at the hearing, she reiterated her confession, murmuring a few apologies to Aliana’s father. At the statement of the verdict, the latter left the room shouting. “He did not get all the answers, still cannot explain the behavior of Madame, who showed the image of a good mother, appeared to be fused with her child”, reacted his lawyer, Me Soraya Kronby- Hallouli.

“My client understands this pain. She is relieved to have been able to express herself, ”said the defendant’s lawyer, Me Sarah Hugues-Vanderschuren. “She was in great pain”, she underlined, seeking to “explain, not the acting out”, but “the circumstances which led to it”.

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