Sunday, May 22

New electric car owner? Seven things you should know about charging, range anxiety and braking

The range anxiety quickly turns into irritation over charging queues, the expert promises.

– It is not a problem to travel by electric car, you just have to think in a different way, says Nils Sødal in NAF.

– If you understand some basic things about electric cars, you will get more out of it in the winter. The prejudices in the depths of the people that the electric car runs out of power in the cold, almost before you have time to say cake, are not true, says Ståle Frydenlund, senior adviser and test manager at the Norwegian Electric Car Association.

Should you have a charger at home? Can the condominium or the housing association say no? How do you charge best? Can you drive in the public transport area? It’s a bit to get acquainted with as a new electric car owner. We have asked two experts to list what you should know: Frydenlund in the Electric Car Association and Nils Sødal, senior communications consultant in NAF.

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