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Bac 2022: the tests postponed?

Should the Baccalaureate exams be postponed? This question will be decided by the Ministry of National Education and by the National Council for High School Life (CNVL) during a joint meeting this Wednesday, January 19.

For now, the specialty tests are scheduled for March 14-16. They concern all terminale students, and relate to the two specialty courses they have chosen at the end of the first year.

The postponement of exams – at least to June – is requested by the education unions. This was also one of the main demands of the strike of January 13, followed by various professions of National Education (teachers, inspectors, heads of establishments…) and supported by the federations of parents of students.

In question: “untenable protocols” and “a shortage of replacements” which puts students in great difficulty, denounced eleven organizations in a joint press release.

More than 14,000 classes closed

Currently, 25,571 staff and 331,715 students are positive for Covid-19, according to the latest data of the ministry published on January 14. Since National Education is facing a lack of substitutes, classes close as soon as the teacher is sick with Covid-19. As a result, more than 14,380 classes are closed (2.73% of total French classes), as well as 226 schools (0.38% of French establishments).

These figures are a record since the start of the pandemic. For comparison, the previous peak was in April 2021, with 11,272 classes closed. It should be noted that at this time, classes closed as soon as a student tested positive, which is no longer the case.

Today, “the conditions are not met for Terminale students to pass their specialty tests,” said CNEWS Christophe Lalande, secretary general of Fnec FP-FO, which brings together the Force Ouvrière education unions. . “The minister continues to implement reforms, like that of the baccalaureate, while we are in a situation of total chaos”.

Like the Fnec FP-FO, many unions are in any case opposed to the reform of the baccalaureate, which gives pride of place to continuous monitoring. They believe that it creates disparities between pupils and that it increases the pressure on teachers. They therefore ask for a return to a traditional Bac without continuous control. New actions against the health protocol are planned for January 20.

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