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By Rise om Eggen: – Feels almost like losing a father

Former “rose citizens” mourn the loss of Nils Arne Eggen.

WORKED TOGETHER: Ola By Rise (left) and Nils Arne Eggen worked together in Rosenborg for a long time.

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– Nils is the most important in Rosenborg’s history. Dot, states Ola By Rise.

– This almost feels like losing a father. I have known Nils since I joined the A-team as a 15-year-old, and there was a bit of a father-son relationship. But I think that everyone who played in Rosenborg over time feels something of the same as me today. We had a very strong relationship with him. And this applies not only to players, but also managers, journalists and others who visited the club. We are very many who think like that. He has left indelible traces behind.

– What do you want to miss the most?

– All the coffee cups where we could just as easily talk about language, history and society as the movements of the inner runner. Nils was equally smart to both, says By Rise.

– I could talk for a long time about him. To me, Nils Arne was a good friend. We have been colleagues and have kept in touch at all times. He has influenced me and my life with his attitudes and opinions, says Rune Bratseth.

Bratseth calls Eggen a sometimes demanding person.

– But it was always unproblematic because it was always about the case and nothing else. I feel most grateful that I was allowed to be a part of the adventure he created. He made an impression from the first time I met him, it must have been in 1983 when he came in and took over for Tommy Cavanagh as coach. An extremely colorful person who was genuine and sincere, he was passionate and with clear thoughts.

They have had a relationship since 1983, and Bratseth met Eggen last December.

– It is a strange day even though you realized that it could happen. It is sad to think that we have had the last conversation, says Bratseth, who will miss many good times and the good conversations.

– It’s a sad day, but he’s been really sick lately, so I was a bit prepared for the worst, says former Rosenborg player Gøran Sørloth to VG.

On Wednesday came the news that Rosenborg legend Nils Arne Eggen is dead. He fell asleep quietly until Wednesday night with his immediate family around him, and Football Norway is in mourning after the coaching legend’s passing.

Gøran Sørloth is one of those who played under Nils Arne Eggen for a number of years. As a striker, he scored goals under Eggen’s leadership, and was one of the key players during Rosenborg’s heyday.

And he makes no secret of the fact that Eggen has meant a great deal to his career. He tells enthusiastically about when Eggen returned to Trondheim after a sensational series gold with Moss.

– Then I was in no doubt about where I should play, despite the fact that I had other offers. When we found each other in a club context, he said to me: “You should be one of those who are moving forward. I need you.” Then you just want to train something crazy to make it happen.

– What you miss is meeting the boss in the locker room, sharing good stories that both can and do not stand the light of day. He had a determined enthusiasm, and you never got a chance to just sit on the load. You had to drag it. He demanded it of everyone, at every level. It has something to do with the culture and attitudes, and I will never forget that, says Sørloth.

– We had many good conversations when the floodlights were turned off and you had to breathe a little. Everything from ancient wars to the stone age. He was very knowledgeable, and it was contagious. He was fun to be with. It is a pity that our best men will pass away, but fortunately he lived a good and long life.

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