Thursday, May 19

Canada: in serious danger, she takes a selfie on her sinking car

On Sunday January 16, a young woman found herself trapped on the roof of her sinking vehicle. She immortalized the moment in her own way as the neighbors tried to help her.

In Canada, weather conditions at this time can be unpredictable. With temperatures approaching -29°C, the waters of the Rideau Canal in Manotick, south of Ottawa, could not withstand the cold. But this motorist had the ingenious idea of ​​driving on the frozen lake while shifting into fifth gear. Moreover, a few minutes before the facts, we see, in a video recorded by a surveillance camera of a resident and shared on social networks, the car of the young woman rushing at high speed in the background.

The young woman’s initiative ultimately proved costly. The motorist ended up breaking the ice with his vehicle. She then climbed onto the roof of the sinking car and captured the moment with… a selfie. “She captured the moment with a selfie as people rushed and worried to help her,” said neighbor Lynda Douglas, who was present at the time.

A few moments later, the castaway managed to get on a blue canoe connected to a rope and was hoisted onto dry land.

In a statement, Ottawa police said the driver was arrested for “reckless operation of a motor vehicle.” As for the vehicle, it remained in the river. According to the police, “it could constitute a danger for the curious who venture on the ice”.

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