Wednesday, May 18

Death of Gaspard Ulliel in a skiing accident: the prosecutor returns to the circumstances of the tragedy

The Albertville prosecutor announced on Wednesday that actor Gaspard Ulliel had died after hitting another skier on Tuesday at the Savoyard resort of La Rosière when he was not wearing a helmet.

In a statement, Anne Gaches said Wednesday evening that Gaspard Ulliel had “collided with another skier (…) when he had just turned left, probably to join his friends who were” on another piste in the La Rosière ski area, located in the Haute Tarentaise massif.

Contacted by AFP, the prosecutor confirmed that he was not wearing a helmet at the time of the accident, although according to her “it would not necessarily have changed things” otherwise.

“Still and unconscious in the snow”

Mrs. Gaches explained that “it appears from the first testimonies and observations made on the spot that the two skiers both fell to the ground. When the help arrived, Mr. Ulliel was motionless, unconscious in the snow”, and ” the other skier was unharmed”.

After his transport by helicopter to the CHU of Grenoble, the death of the actor was declared Wednesday “shortly after 4:00 p.m.” by the doctor of the intensive care unit of this hospital.

Contacted by AFP, Jérémie Silva, director of the Rosière tourist office, indicated that the accident had occurred “in good weather on good snow”. According to him, “the trackers intervened one minute after the accident, at 3:59 p.m., to provide first aid”.

“It’s not a particularly accident-prone area. We’re on a blue run, a separation of two blue runs. It’s the first time we’ve had such a serious accident there”. “The whole resort of La Rosière is moved, me first and would like to express its support to the family and loved ones of Gaspard Ulliel”, he added.

A judicial investigation was entrusted by the prosecution to investigators from the Albertville detachment of the CRS Alpes.

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