Tuesday, May 24

Death of Gaspard Ulliel: who is Gaëlle Pietri, his companion and mother of their son Orso?

Died this Wednesday at the age of 37 after a skiing accident, Gaspard Ulliel was spending a family vacation at the Domaine de la Rosière in Savoie with his partner, Gaëlle Pietri, and their 6-year-old son, Orso.

The actor had been in a relationship with the model since 2013. Originally from Corsica, little information has been revealed about him, the couple having chosen to remain very discreet about their private life. The young woman had granted an interview to Corse Matin in 2011, in which she had evoked the beginning of her career as a top model, which began just after obtaining her baccalaureate.

Left to settle in Paris to follow courses at the university there, she will sign a 5-year contract with the Elite agency.

“Everything happened very quickly at the time and I did not expect it at all. From the first year I devoted myself to my life as a model for major magazines with trips all over the world. Obviously, it was to the detriment of my studies, but a choice had to be made. It really is a game of poker to become a top model. But I don’t regret anything, quite the contrary. I’ve traveled the world shooting TV commercials and shooting sessions. Very sincerely, I would never have considered one day embracing a career as a model, ”she confided at the time.

The couple formed by Gaëlle Piétri and Gaspard Ulliel only appeared very occasionally at previews or at certain events bringing together worldly personalities. In 2016, they welcomed their little boy, Orso, who was also kept out of the public eye.

Except for a few photos published on the young woman’s Instagram account. The latest publication dates back a week, and showed little Orso – who had just celebrated his birthday – hurtling down the ski slope under the gaze of a proud mother.


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