Sunday, May 22

Disinfox. How have wage inequalities between the richest and the poorest evolved?

Anne Hidalgo’s proposal in detail

To limit the wage gaps in companies, here is what the Socialist candidate proposes in detail: “companies that would practice wage gaps greater than one to twenty, which would roughly pay more than 300,000 euros for senior executives , will be able to do it, except that these sums will not be deducted for the calculation of the corporation tax; they will be fully taxed, ”she explained on LCI. It is “not an increase in taxation”, but we “put taxation on something which, if it exceeds this difference of one to twenty, is no longer considered as salary, therefore is no longer deductible corporation tax, but is considered value added,” she said.

For young people, it offers a check for 5,000 euros for everyone, regardless of their social origin, so that they can “consider a professional project”, which it would not however be necessary to justify. “A young star footballer like Kylian Mbappé could thus receive this check”, she explained, underlining however that “if he is taxed on wealth tax” that she “plans to restore”, “ there will be a redistribution of that anyway”. She assessed the cost of this check in the state budget “around 3 billion, 3.5 billion” per year, out of a total of 14 billion annual measures for young people.

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