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Disinfox. Yes, Marine Le Pen did say that Eric Zemmour would make “a good Prime Minister”

Does Marine Le Pen have a short memory? Invited this Wednesday morning on France Inter, the candidate of the National Rally (RN) denied having already said that Eric Zemmour would make a good Prime Minister. She however declared it last October, at the microphone of RTL.

On public radio this Wednesday, journalist Léa Salamé posed the following question to the former presidency of the RN: “You said last October Eric Zemmour would make a good Prime Minister, do you still think so? “. To which Marine Le Pen replied “No I never said that, I absolutely did not say that. I was told: ‘Would you take him as Prime Minister?’ I said, ‘I don’t think that’s his goal at all. I think he has absolutely no desire to be Prime Minister”.

“We will wait a bit”

But contrary to what Marine Le Pen claims, she did believe that Eric Zemmour could be a good head of government. It was on October 14, on RTL. At that time, the former polemicist was not yet officially declared.

That day, a listener had asked the far-right candidate if she was considering “an alliance with Eric Zemmour” and if he would be “a good Prime Minister”. Marine Le Pen had initially replied that he made “the same observation” as her on “immigration and security”, before adding: “We will be led at one time or another to make the gathering”.

She said she did not want Eric Zemmour’s candidacy “to be only a division of our ability to win this presidential election”. The candidate then judged that he would make “a good Prime Minister” but already thought “that he does not at all want” to be one. “Right now, he may not be able to hear what I have to say to him. But we’ll wait a bit, it doesn’t matter, I’m a patient person, ”she concluded.

A more incisive speech

Three months later, Marine Le Pen’s speech has become more incisive. She notably criticizes Eric Zemmour for serving as a “stepping stone” for Valérie Pécresse and denounces her “lack of empathy” as well as her “brutality”. On Tuesday, she even advised her rival to “find his own identity”.

This Wednesday, she called on him to “stop dividing the voices of the national family”. “He has no more chances of winning against Emmanuel Macron than me, he even has a lot less,” she said, before wondering about the interest of her candidacy.

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The RN candidate maintained her call for a rally on Wednesday but conceded that she does not see “Eric Zemmour giving up his candidacy”. “Obviously this rally will take place in the second round,” she regretted.

According to Ifop’s latest “rolling” poll for LCI, Paris Match and Sud Radio, Marine Le Pen is the second political figure to collect the most voting intentions in the first round after Emmanuel Macron. Eric Zemmour is fourth. Between them, the far-right candidates account for 28.5% of voting intentions (17% for Marine Le Pen and 11.5% for Eric Zemmour, against 24.5% against 24.5% for the current president) .

According to another poll, produced this time by Cluster 17 for Marianne, Valérie Pécresse (Les Républicains) is even overtaken by Eric Zemmour. The leader of Reconquest! totals 14% of voting intentions in the first round and is trailing Marine Le Pen (14.5%). But Emmanuel Macron remains well ahead (22.5%).

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