Tuesday, May 24

Disney: the song “Encanto” finally dethrones “The Snow Queen” in the United States

The reign of “The Snow Queen” comes to an end. The flagship song from the latest Disney animated film “Encanto” beat the hit “Freed, Delivered” in the United States.

It took almost ten years for a new Disney hit to take hold after the phenomenal success of the very high-pitched title “Let it go”, which in 2021 accumulated 2.6 billion views. Interpreted in English by Idina Menzel, it had been taken up in French by Anaïs Delva under the title well known to a whole generation of children and parents: “Liberated, delivered”. But there is an end to everything.

According to the New York Times, the title “We don’t talk about Bruno”, taken from the new Disney film, is indeed among the most listened to titles on the Spotify, Apple Music and iTunes platforms across the Atlantic, becoming the trending Disney piece.

Top of the US charts

As reported by the American media, the flagship title of Encanto also arrives at the first place in the world of YouTube music videos and has even climbed to fifth place on the Billboard Hot 100, a reference in the United States. This is the first original song from a Disney animated film to rank so high since “Let it go” in 2014. Another feat, “We don’t talk about Bruno” reached first place of the Billboard 200 in early January.

A success notably boosted by TikTok. While the film was released at the end of November, featuring an extraordinary family with powers, its flagship title gave rise to many interpretations posted on the social network. Videos that have largely contributed to increasing the popularity of this now new great Disney classic.


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