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Emmanuel Macron’s speech to the European Parliament: what to remember

Emmanuel Macron spoke this Wednesday, January 19, in front of the European Parliament in Strasbourg, to launch the French presidency of the Council of the European Union.

The French president held a speech of about twenty minutes. As soon as he spoke, Emmanuel Macron paid tribute to the former President of the European Parliament, David Sassoli, who died on January 11.

The Head of State returned to several priorities of this French presidency, including the “strengthening of European sovereignty”. He insisted during his speech on the importance of European values.

“The French presidency will be a presidency of values ​​that make us and which, by dint of being considered as acquired, have ended up weakening in recent years,” he said. “We are the generation that discovers the precariousness of the rule of law and democratic values,” he added.

During his speech, Emmanuel Macron set himself three promises that he will defend throughout the French presidency, i.e. until June 30, 2022: “a promise of democracy (…), a promise of progress and a promise of peace. The moment we are living through, through the return of the tragedy of History and certain geographical facts, and the current shock that we are experiencing are shaking up these three promises. Our challenge is to work to rebuild these promises,” he said.


While Europe is going through tensions, Emmanuel Macron wanted to underline his concern as well as his attachment to the rule of law.

“The rule of law is the fruit of all of our histories, the fight and the revolutions to free ourselves from totalitarianism. The rule of law is our treasure, and it is a question everywhere of reconquering the peoples who have distant”.

Detail your vision of Europe

The Head of State intends through this speech to obtain “quick and concrete” results on several issues.

This is notably the case of the minimum wage, the carbon tax at the borders or the reform of the Schengen area to better fight against irregular migration.

Since his election as President of the French Republic in 2017, Emmanuel Macron has posed as a leader of pro-Europeans and boasts of the progress made at 27. He takes in particular the example of the post-Covid-19 recovery plan of 750 billion euros adopted in 2020.

A question-and-answer session

At the end of this speech, a long question-and-answer session with the deputies will follow. If he will exchange with elected officials from all countries, Emmanuel Macron will be particularly sought after by French speakers.

Thus François-Xavier Bellamy (Les Républicains), Manon Aubry (rebellious France), Jordan Bardella and Nicolas Bay (National Rally), and Yannick Jadot (Les Verts) will address Emmanuel Macron.

This intervention will take place without the presence of the President of the European Commission Ursula von der Leyen. She tested positive for Covid-19.

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