Tuesday, May 24

Energy. Rising energy prices: “no other European country has done as much as us”, according to Bruno Le Maire

“No other European government has done as much as us to protect the French”, assured Bruno Le Maire on Wednesday morning on RMC / BFMTV. The Minister of the Economy referred to the introduction of the inflation allowance of 100 euros and the freezing of energy prices. This last measure represents “8 billion euros for the State in loss of tax revenue”. “Those who say that the state puts money in its pockets when there is an energy crisis are either ignorant or liars, the state loses a lot of money,” he said.

“The State will never let EDF down”

An effort has been requested from EDF to help contain the French electricity bill. “It is normal to ask” EDF to contribute, underlined the Minister of Ecological Transition Barbara Pompili on Wednesday morning on Sud Radio. The two ministers ensure that EDF would not sell at a loss. The energy company would only earn “less than expected”, according to Barbara Pompili.

EDF will thus sell at a reduced price up to 40% of its electricity production in 2022, instead of selling at high market prices. “It’s money from nuclear power plants that are written off, and who paid for the construction of these nuclear power plants? It is the French taxpayers, so it is normal that in a period of crisis, in an exceptional period, that we ask for exceptional aid from EDF, “said the minister.

“The state has always been alongside EDF, we need EDF,” she added. Bruno Le Maire assured meanwhile that “we do not have the arm which trembles, the State will never let down EDF”.

Last week, speculation about a possible recapitalization of EDF circulated. For their part, the four main unions in the energy sector called for a strike at EDF on January 26, in order to protest against government measures. Asked Wednesday about the question, Barbara Pompili replied that she had “no religion on these subjects”, but EDF “nationalized or not, we need more energy savings, we need more renewables, and we need to work to solidify our nuclear power, whatever solution is chosen”.

No new measure but the Mayor “does not close the door”

No new aid was announced in the face of skyrocketing oil prices. However, the Minister of the Economy ensures that he is closely monitoring the development of the situation. “On new aid, I do not close any doors. We are constantly adjusting the devices,” he said. “We have implemented means to ensure that the French do not suffer too much from the consequences of the energy crisis. These are 14 billion in aid put on the table by the State. We will continue if necessary, but we hope that this crisis does not last too long, ”explained Barbara Pompili.

Asked about a reduction in fuel taxes, Bruno Le Maire estimated that this would amount to “financing imports from the Gulf countries and I am not sure that is the best answer”. “There is a real difference: we produce electricity but we do not produce oil,” he said.

According to the Minister of the Economy, a gesture which would allow a drop of 5 euros less for a full 50 liters, would cost 5 billion euros to the State. He sold the inflation support system, which cost “4 billion” to the state.


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