Thursday, May 19

Jura: four high school students kill themselves by falling by car into a lake

Four high school students who were traveling by car tragically died on Thursday in the Jura. Their vehicle fell into a lake, the prosecutor said.

The car fell about ten meters high, directly into the waters of Lake Chalain, about thirty kilometers from Lons-le-Saunier, reports Progress.

Of the five teenagers stuck in the cabin, only one girl managed to get out. It was she who gave the alert to a passer-by, who then called the emergency services. She was quickly treated for hypothermia.

It would seem that the exit from the road was due to a “patch of ice”, according to the public prosecutor of Lons-le-Saunier who described the roadway as “a real ice rink”.

The victims were all in high school, at the Champagnole boarding school. The driver was the only major in the group.

A psychological support cell with six people was deployed at the high school where several young people were boarding, said the prosecutor, adding that it should be further reinforced by Thursday morning.

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