Sunday, May 22

Mari Glittum could no longer cope with the nursing job in Østfold. Three out of four nurses feel the same way.

Mari Glittum (24) left as a nurse at Østfold Hospital. She felt she was losing control of her job.

Mari Glittum had only worked as a nurse for one year when the pandemic came. Two years later, she can no longer bear it and has quit her job. Now she works in a nursing home.

It was a hectic working day for the nurse at Østfold Hospital even before the corona. But when the pandemic hit the country, it suddenly got much worse.

– I suddenly got a lot more responsibility for patients who were much worse than I was used to before I was really safe myself. I felt I lost control, she says.

Everyday life was characterized by uncertainty and chaos. During the day, the two nurses were on the ward. At times, there could be only one on night duty. Glittum experienced that she often stood alone in making big decisions. Eventually she began to feel it in her psyche.

– I began to dread going to work. If I make a mistake, people can die or become seriously ill, she says.

In the end, she could do no more. After a period of sick leave, she realized she needed to do something else. She applied for a job at the hospital.

She is not alone in wishing for that.

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