Sunday, May 22

Marine Le Pen accuses Éric Zemmour of imitating his political strategy

Themes of similar campaigns, discussed a few hours apart, joint travel, but above all the organization of meetings on the same date, many questions arise about the political strategy of the two candidates.

The situation is such that those around Marine Le Pen cringe. Friday, while the candidate is traveling in Brittany to talk about energy, Eric Zemmour publishes the next day a press release on the same theme. Yesterday, while Marine Le Pen was giving a press conference on Europe and immigration, her opponent chose to go to Calais on Thursday to discuss these same issues.

Ten days ago, the RN candidate even canceled a trip to Les Sables d’Olonne, doubled by Eric Zemmour who organized the trip in just 48 hours.

Ultimate reason for exasperation for the National Rally: while it is organizing its first major campaign meeting in Reims on February 5, Eric Zemmour has also chosen the same date for a meeting.

“We did not wait to have Marine Le Pen’s diary to plan this date of February 5. In reality, we are on the move every weekend and every weekend we have meetings”, assures Stanislas Rigault, president of Generation Z.

Marine Le Pen quips

“Imitation and even parasitism is a form of homage”, thus quipped Marine Le Pen during the press conference, advising his rival “to try to find his own identity, his own trademark”. And to wonder: “what is the use of this candidacy (that of Eric Zemmour, editor’s note), if not to clear the ground for Valérie Pécresse to allow her to be in the second round”.

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