Monday, May 16

Martinique: a ton of cocaine seized on two sailboats off the island

Sailing off the coast of Martinique, two sailboats were intercepted while carrying a singular cargo: two tonnes of cocaine were discovered on board.

These boats were inspected by customs on the night of Monday 17 to Tuesday 18 January. The newspaper France Antilles speaks of a “nice catch”, specifying that “several people have been placed in police custody”. At this stage, we do not have any other details on the nature of the seizures made.

This discovery is in any case not the first of its kind in recent months in Martinique. A record catch had already been recorded in December 2021, when 1.4 tonnes of cocaine was seized on the island, leading to the arrest of six men. On resale, such a cargo could have brought in 45 million euros.

In total, more than five tonnes of this drug have been intercepted from Martinique or on Martinique territory since June 2021. This is explained by the fact that the Caribbean is close to the three main cocaine-producing countries: Peru, Colombia and Bolivia.

The region has thus become a hub for trafficking and drugs most often transit through the Caribbean islands to then reach European countries.

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