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Nils Arne Eggen’s life in pictures

Nils Arne Eggen passed away on Wednesday night at the age of 80. Here are some pictures from his life.

1978: Nils Arne Eggen and his son Knut Torbjørn Eggen photographed together on 25 April 1978 in their own Roseborg car.

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IN ACTION: Nils Arne Eggen shouts and gestures during Rosenborg’s 6-1 victory over Skeid in 1996.
CHEERS: Here Nils Arne Eggen (in the middle) cheers with the Rosenborg players after the raw 2-0 victory against Real Madrid in 1997.
TOGETHER: Eggen together with Steffen Iversen at Lerkendal after Roseborg beat Tottenjam 2-0 in 1997.
JUBILEE: VG met Nils Arne Eggen and former Moss players, 30 years after the club became league champions.
2020: The egg on its way to Rosenborg ball club’s annual meeting in 2020.
SHELF: Here Nils Arne Eggen (in the middle) is lifted by Bent Skammelsrud (left) and Erik Hoftun (right) after Rosenborg’s 4-0 victory over Brann.
AT LERKENDAL: Eggen thanks former Aalesund coach Kjetil Rekdal for the match after it was 2-2 in the elite series match against Aalesund.
AT HOME: Nils Arne Eggen also trained Orkla at home in Orkanger. Here from a match in 2013.
ROSENBORG HERO: Nils Arne Eggen in conversation with another Rosenborg legend, Rune Bratseth, in 1999.
MADE SHOW: Nils Arne Eggen during one of his many, entertaining press conferences. Here in connection with a Champions League match against FC Copenhagen in 2010.
AT HOME: Kåre Ingebrigsten and Erik Hoftun at home with the RBK legend in Fannrem, Orkdal. The photo was taken in May 2016.
BRAGD: Nils Arne Eggen and Harald Martin Brattbakk cheer for Rosenborg’s legendary victory over Real Madrid in 1997.
CONVICTION: Nils Arne Eggen tries to persuade Steffen Iversen to join RBK. Photographed in 1996.
GOLD GLASS: Nils Arne Eggen together with Bent Skammelsrud and Erik Hoftun after the series gold was secured in 2002.
EKS-ROSENBORG COACHES: Nils Arne Eggen and Åge Hareide.
TOUR: Nils Arne Eggen (left) received and gave a small tour to Princess Märtha Louise and Ari Behn in 2002.
NATIONAL TEAM: National team coaches Nils Arne Eggen (left) and Kjell Schou Andreassen.
THANKS FOR THE MATCH: Nils Arne Eggen and Harald Martin Brattbakk in the locker room after the league gold in 2002 was secured.
GOOD HUG: Nils Arne Eggen and Jahn Ivar «Mini» Jakobsen », here after the 2-1 victory over AC Milan in the Champions League season 1996/97.
COACH HEROES: Åge Hareide (left) and Nils Arne Eggen on their way home after the Norwegian national team’s 0-2 loss to Denmark in 2011.
GOLD JOY: Nils Arne Eggen and the Rosenborg players celebrate league gold after a victory over Brann in 2002. Here, Eggen gives Erik Hoftun a good hug.
OPEN ARTIFICIAL GRASS COURSE: Nils Arne Eggen (left), together with Jens P. Heyerdahl and Torbjørn Jagland pictured together in connection with the opening of a new artificial turf pitch.
HEROES HOME: Nils Arne Eggen and Rosenborg were taken as heroes when they came home after a victory over AC Milan in the Champions League.
WORKING FOR NRK: From left: Kjeill Kristian Rike, Nils Arne Eggen, Espen Graff, Arne Scheie and Rolv Weselund watched the World Cup in France for NRK.
ON THE NATIONAL TEAM: Norway’s national team before the World Cup qualifier against Sweden at UIllevaal Stadium in 1969. Nils Arne Eggen is in the middle behind. Norway lost the match 5-2.
VG INTERVIEW: Nils Arne Eggen received VG for an interview in his home in April 2019.
EUROPE TRIUMPH: Nils Arne Eggen on the sidelines when Rosenborg crushed Helsingborg 6-1 in the Champions League in 2000.
GOT A STATUE: Nils Arne Eggen’s statue outside Lerkendal Stadium in Trondheim.
FOLLOWED: Nils Arne Eggen watches Rosenborg’s home game against Bodø / Glimt in June 2020.
WITH THE CHILDREN: Nils Arne Eggen with the children. From left: Knut Thorbjørn, Kristin and Trygve.
IN MADRID: Trond Sollied (left) and Nils Arne Eggen at the Santiago Bernabeu in connection with a Champions League match against Real Madrid in 1997.
THANK YOU AND GOODBYE: Nils Arne Eggen thanks for the visit in connection with a VG interview in September last year.

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