Wednesday, May 18

Presidential 2022. Arnaud Montebourg: a useful withdrawal on the left?

Will the horizon end up clearing up on the left? The sky was foggy this Wednesday in Bibracte (Saône-et-Loire) where Arnaud Montebourg confirmed the withdrawal of his candidacy for the Élysée. “I believe it is useless and hopeless to add disorder to the confusion of too many candidates”, justifies the former minister of the quinquennium Hollande, taking note of his inability “to unite, in a common program”, his candidacy “to other candidates”.

In a 3-minute video, recorded on the famous Gallic site from his native Burgundy, the cantor of “Made in France XXL” presented himself as a “free man” and responsible, gaining height on the disunity of the left: “In my soul and conscience, I do not wish to participate in the devaluation of the democracy which we need to build the future”, he declared, always theatrical.

On the left, the list of contenders is still long

Its abandonment, however, risks proving to be largely insufficient to lift the clouds which, for the moment, are seriously weighing down the campaign of the left-wing and environmentalist camp. Here’s why :

– The La Remontada candidate less, the list remains split between five main contenders: Jean-Luc Mélenchon (LFI), Yannick Jadot (ecology), Anne Hidalgo (PS), Christiane Taubira (ex-Minister of Justice) and Fabien Roussel (PCF). It extends to seven with outsiders Nathalie Arthaud (LO) and Philippe Poutou (NPA).

– The suitors still in the running will only have crumbs to share after the departure of Arnaud Montebourg, credited with 0.5% to 2% of voting intentions, according to the polls.

– Finally, the former politician converted into eco-responsible entrepreneurship is leaving without a recycling gesture. “I have decided not to support any candidate since the prospects drawn up for the country are not shared. Today, I entrust them to all those who want to seize them and take them further than I was able to do myself. »

A setback for Taubira

Neither Fabien Roussel nor Christiane Taubira, with whom negotiations have nevertheless been conducted, therefore pockets the meager capital. It is a first political setback for the Guyanese who supported the Burgundian in the socialist primary of 2012. A rallying in his favor would also have been a concretization, certainly above all symbolic, of the rally that the ex-elected radical now intends embody.

Arnaud Montebourg, he promises to ensure that his “innovative, original, proactive” proposals continue their career. With what success? In December, the phone rang in a vacuum when the then candidate had staged his attempt to patch up the left.

This Wednesday after four months of campaigning, his Elysian company stopped in general indifference. At a time when continuous information was mobilized on the presidential intervention of Emmanuel Macron from the European Parliament in Strasbourg. The adventure of La Remontada stopped, the left should continue its journey, still in dispersed order.

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