Sunday, May 22

Presidential 2022. Arnaud Montebourg announces that he is retiring and does not support any candidate

In a video showing him walking on the heights of the Bibracte site (Saône-et-Loire), Arnaud Montebourg confirmed on Wednesday that he was withdrawing his candidacy for the presidential election. He explains: less than three months before the election, “the time has therefore come for me, as a free man, absolutely free, […] to tell you that I have made the decision to withdraw from the presidential race”. The former economy minister was credited with around 1% of voting intentions by the polls.

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Arnaud Montebourg judges “useless and hopeless to add disorder to the confusion of too many candidates” on the left, and specifies that he has decided “not to support any candidate”, since his proposals made in the campaign “are not shared”. He had said in December that he was ready to put himself at the service of a common candidacy on the left. But the negotiations initiated for several days with the communist Fabien Roussel and Christiane Taubira have yielded nothing and this in a “definitive” way, said Tuesday relatives of Arnaud Montebourg. With his withdrawal, there are now still five candidates on the left for the presidential election.

His proposals “have not been heard”

“During these four months of campaign, I defended original, innovative, proactive proposals”, he underlines, claiming to have placed “economic and social solutions in the foreground”. He thus cites “the rise in wages”, “a policy of made in France XXL”, “the exit from oil by relying on nuclear power”, “the restoration of a reasonable share of national sovereignty” in the face of the Europe, or even “the return to the land to help the French leave the metropolises”, “an intransigent vision of the Republic” and “a demanding immigration policy”.

“These proposals allowed us to imagine a new social and political compromise, capable of reviving our country”, but “unfortunately they were not heard”, he laments. “The main thing is that these ideas continue on their way and that they finally come to power and materialize,” adds the entrepreneur, concluding his message of more than three minutes with a “see you soon”.

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