Tuesday, May 24

Robinho: the Brazilian sentenced to nine years in prison for gang rape

His appeal was ruled inadmissible. Sentenced to nine years in prison for gang rape of a young Albanian woman in Milan, Robinho saw his sentence confirmed by the Italian Court of Cassation.

The evidence was more than enough to send the former footballer, now 37, behind bars. “In total, fifteen Italian magistrates considered that the charges were amply proven,” said the victim’s lawyer. Robinho, who no longer has any recourse, will also have to pay the sum of 60,000 euros in compensation to the victim.

The facts in question date back to January 2013 when the Brazilian played for AC Milan. During an evening in a nightclub in the Lombard city, the player and five of his friends allegedly made the 22-year-old young lady drink “to the point of rendering her unconscious and unable to resist”. They then allegedly abused her with “multiple and consecutive sexual intercourse”. If he had admitted having had a sexual relationship with the young woman, Robinho had denied the accusations of rape.

He was nevertheless found guilty for the first time in 2017 by a court in Milan before his nine-year prison sentence was confirmed by an appeal court in December 2020. It now remains to be seen how the player passed by Real Madrid , Manchester City or even Santos during his career will serve his sentence.

Robinho is currently in his native country and Brazil does not extradite nationals born in its territory. Italian justice should therefore request that he serve his sentence in Brazil. But the procedure could take time, especially since it requires that the sentence pronounced in Italy be approved by the Brazilian judicial authorities. In the meantime, Robinho can continue to enjoy his freedom…


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