Friday, May 27

Such a long night: what foreign series is the TF1 fiction adapted from?

Broadcast in preview on Salto last December, the series “A so long night” begins its broadcast this Thursday, January 20 on TF1. A fiction whose scenario is not entirely foreign to some viewers.

Quite simply because it is the French adaptation of the British series Criminal Justice by Peter Moffat, broadcast across the Channel between 2008 and 2009. In France, it is on Canal+ in 2010, then on France 4 in 2014 , that it was broadcast. It was also the subject of an excellent adaptation in the United States by the HBO channel with The Night Of in 2016. Viewers discovered Riz Ahmed in the main role alongside John Turturro, Michael K. Williams, Bill Camp and Jeannie Berlin.

It is therefore TF1’s turn to offer its version of this thriller with an ultra-efficient scenario. The French version takes place in Marseille where Sami, a 19-year-old student, borrows his father’s taxi one evening to leave for a party. That night, he meets Gloria, a young woman he falls in love with, and goes on alcohol, drugs, and sex. Sami wakes up in the early morning and is horrified to discover Gloria’s mutilated body beside him.

What happened ? Sammy panics and tries to run away. But he is quickly found by Jeff, a police officer close to retirement who sees in him the ideal culprit. Fortunately, the boy can count on Isabelle, a criminal lawyer with unorthodox methods, to defend him.

Not easy to pass after the excellent American remake of this British series. But TF1 tried it, despite everything, with a very catchy cast: Mathilde Seigner, Jean-Pierre Daroussin, Zinedine Soualem, Samira Lachhab, Assa Sylla, Antoine Duléry, Gwendoline Hamon, Lannick Gautry, but also the rapper Kaaris in the role of the prison boss.

The actor who is however doing well remains Sayyid El Alami, who after a remarkable stint in the Messiah series on Netflix, confirms his talent in the main role of Such a long night.

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