Friday, May 20

SysJoker: what is this undetectable malware that targets Windows, MacOS and Linux?

This is still a mystery for cybersecurity specialists. Since December, malware called SysJoker has been damaging Windows, MacOS and Linux systems. And its level of sophistication suggests that very high level hackers would be behind it.

Above all, it is still rare for malware to be designed and coded to attack these three well-known operating systems on computers. In fact, SysJoker would exploit a backdoor to install itself without the knowledge of users of infected devices. Even the latest cybersecurity and anti-virus software did not detect any anomalies in the affected computers.

However, according to research conducted by the company Intezer who discovered this malware, SysJoker could well be a system used for cyber espionage, since it has all the clues of the undetectable software useful to recover information without leaving a trace.

A remote takeover

The researchers who discovered it believe that SysJoker could accompany an update to penetrate the computer of its target. Once installed on the computer, the malware will contact Google Drive in order to download information and especially the tools to allow the installation of other software without the knowledge of the user of the device, and in take control remotely.

According to the first elements of the investigation conducted by Intezer, SysJoker could have been created recently, during the last six months. However, the researchers have not yet been able to observe any malicious uses or cases reported by victims. Its undetectable side probably explaining the lack of information.

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