Tuesday, May 17

The first phone call lasted 13 hours. Now they are getting married in Oslo’s most romantic place.

A perfect dating site, the couple believes: – You never run out of conversation topics.

Marius Gulbranson Nordby and Thea Rølsåsen moved together on 6 March 2020, six days before Norway closed. Nordby was going to travel a lot, so they thought it would be a smooth transition. That was not the case.

They agreed to call after work. At 16.00, both were ready with their own bottles of red wine. Thea in Ålesund, Marius in Oslo. The phone call lasted 13 hours. Before they left at 05.00, Thea had booked flights to Oslo:

– We can probably say that it was love at first listen, laughs Marius Gulbranson Nordby.

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