Sunday, May 22

Tonga: this frightening moment when a shock wave resounds and causes a movement of panic (video)

At least two people have died in the Tonga Islands after a powerful underwater eruption triggered a tsunami this weekend, the New Zealand government announced on Tuesday.

This Wednesday, the Daily Mail unveils this impressive video filmed on the coast of Tonga a few hours after the volcanic eruption. Locals can be seen filming the ash cloud rising tens of kilometers away. Suddenly, a shock wave hits the shore, terrifying bathers. This scene was filmed minutes before the devastating tsunami hit land.

The person filming and other viewers are visibly shaken as the shock wave hits them. A woman is heard screaming. The people around the videographer immediately turn away from the ocean and suddenly start running inland.

Three days after the eruption that caused the tsunami and claimed three lives according to the UN, the extent of the damage remains poorly known in this small kingdom cut off from the world after the break in the cable connecting it to the internet network.

It will take at least a month to repair an undersea communications cable linking the Tonga islands to the rest of the world, New Zealand’s foreign ministry said on Wednesday.

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