Friday, May 27

Vaccination pass: will it be compulsory for employees subject to the health pass?

Adopted on Sunday, the bill “strengthening the tools for managing the health crisis” will bring several changes concerning the health measures which govern the country. The introduction of the vaccination pass is part of this, and will concern certain employees.

Thus, those who were already subject to the health pass to work (1.8 million people) will now be obliged to present this vaccination pass to continue their activity. Employees of cinemas, performance halls, venues for sporting events (stadiums, gymnasiums, etc.), museums, and of course restaurants and bars/cafés are concerned.

Important detail, the text provides that a “proof of commitment to a vaccination scheme” may be sufficient to work, the time that the employee receives the doses requested to possess the pass.

As a reminder, the vaccination pass is obtained, initially, with a completed vaccination schedule (one dose received or two, depending on the vaccine). However, from February 15, the booster dose will also be required. It must be done four months after the last injection. A Covid-19 recovery certificate also allows you to validate your vaccination pass for six months after the positive test.

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