Thursday, May 19

Vegetarian food is now standard in Oslo municipality. If you want meat, you have to ask for it.

The May 17 party for the children, the Christmas dinner for the disadvantaged and the job seminar for the fire service: Vegetarian food is now the standard choice in Oslo municipality.

Canteen manager Cecilie Amundsen says more and more people want vegetarian food in the canteen. In meetings it is different. Bak, Kristine Holst, in Sodexo, who runs a canteen for the Urban Environment Agency in Oslo.
  • Arnhild Aass Kristiansen


The order is part of Oslo’s work to halve meat consumption in the municipality.

This applies to all businesses in the municipality, from agencies such as the Fire and Rescue Agency and the Education Agency to cultural institutions such as Deichman and the Munch Museum. Our Oslo mentioned the news first.

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