Sunday, May 15

Zemmour denounces “the collusion” between journalists and the far left

Eric Zemmour denounced Wednesday evening the “collusion between certain journalists and the far left”, after a trip to Calais, disrupted several times by actions of activists, informed by “an identified journalist”, according to his gang.

“The collusion between certain journalists and the most violent far left is not only ideological. It is also concrete, assumed, aggressive, and very dangerous for democracy and its defenders”, wrote on Twitter the candidate of far right.

Its campaign manager Bertrand de la Chesnais told AFP that they were going to file a complaint “in a Paris police station against a journalist whom we have identified”.

This journalist “informed far-left activists of Eric Zemmour’s meeting place to come and seriously disrupt his meeting”, he accused, considering that this was “an obstacle to freedom of assembly and expression”.

According to him, it is “the same process as the one we had undergone in Marseille” where the candidate had made a very hectic visit at the end of November which ended with a middle finger.

“We will no longer allow this kind of disturbing collusion between certain journalists and far-left scum to pass,” warned Bertrand de la Chesnais again.

Coming to the site of the “jungle” of Calais, the largest slum in France which had welcomed up to 10,000 migrants before its dismantling in 2016, Eric Zemmour saw his movement disrupted on several occasions by anti-fascist activists, in particular when he wanted to go to “points of presence of illegal immigrants” to exchange “with representatives of the police”.

He finally had to withdraw to meet them in a bistro, but around thirty association activists were present outside, in the pouring rain.

The candidate finally left by a back door, before rushing into a car and returning to Paris.

“The noise of the opponents prevented us from making a last exchange with the press unfortunately”, regretted Antoine Diers, member of his campaign team.

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