Saturday, May 21

Covid-19: “By the end of the month, the peak will be exceeded”, according to Dr Benjamin Davido

Guest of Laurence Ferrari in the Morning of CNEWS, infectious disease specialist Benjamin Davido took stock of the health situation.

While the contamination figures are still recording records, he indicated that, according to the models, “by the end of the month, the peak will have passed, including that of conventional hospitalizations”.

“One of the risks with Omicron is a push towards hospitalizations for a need between 3 and 4 liters of oxygen (…) and the good news is that we have the impression that there will be less tension on the resuscitation services and this is what we observe”, he continued.

Regarding the Omicron variant, the infectiologist considers that it is “extremely contaminating, one has the impression that, physio-pathologically, it gives more of a form of bronchitis and ENT infection and is closer to a coronavirus than of a seasonal respiratory disease”.

“Today, it remains an Oasis”

Used since the start of the pandemic to protect others, the health pass, now a vaccine pass, accompanied the French for two years. At the end of this wave, infectious disease specialist Benjamin Davido thinks “it will be time to verify the legitimacy of pursuing a vaccine pass if we have reached collective immunity. Today, it remains an Oasis, we are still far from it, ”he said. “The way to achieve herd immunity is through this double vaccine immunity, which avoids, for the most part, a severe form of the disease,” he added.

So far, the future of this pandemic remains uncertain. “We don’t know if there will be other variants. On the other hand, we know that there is this famous immunosenescence when we have comorbidities when we are old, which means that we will lose this natural immunity, result: we can be led to repeat the disease, ”a- he said.

“The real challenge, whatever happens, including if there is this collective immunity during the spring, consists in organizing a vaccination from September for the most fragile for October (…) These people must be vaccinated at least annually,” he said.

“Testing is useless”

Regarding the tests, the infectious disease specialist returned to the reliability rate of the antigenic tests. “47% false negative on Omicron. It’s once in two. It’s to do the test or not to do it, you don’t have the answer”. “In my entourage, including caregivers, there are more and more those who are on the fourth test to prove positive when they have symptoms,” he insists.

Low reliability that the infectious disease specialist regrets. “Testing is useless. We must recentralize a screening policy on symptoms with a consultation of a doctor, ”he advised.

According to him, “10% of the population is a contact case. We must remove the contact cases from this test policy which brings nothing, we must also remove the asymptomatic which are mainly contact cases, and then go to what is necessary ”.

As for tests at school, Benjamin Davido believes that “the diagnosis with inefficient tests of these children who become contaminated does not bring much and disrupts the school system every day, both for directors, teachers and the families distressed by these situations”.

“Children should no longer be tested. We have to go for a strategy where we only screen for the symptoms. The fact of screening children every 2 days is an illogical strategy”, he considered.

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