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Education. Grumble of teachers: a new mobilization of magnitude this Thursday?

Teachers have not finished making their voices heard. After a major mobilization last week, a new day of action is scheduled for Thursday to protest against the management of the health crisis in education.

The Parisian demonstration “not prevented”

The most important demonstration should take place in the afternoon in Paris. The organizers had suffered a first setback: the rally had initially not been authorized. Indeed, the prefect of police had not been able to “deliver a receipt” to the organizers whose prior declaration had not been filed within the “legal deadlines”, namely more than three days before the day of mobilization.

On Wednesday, in a letter addressed to the trade unions, the prefect Didier Lallement finally wrote that he will not “prevent” the progress of this demonstration, which will therefore be “tolerated” according to Christophe Lalande, federal secretary of the Force Ouvrière union for the education (FNEC FP-FO). As during the previous mobilization on January 13, the procession will leave at 2 p.m. from the Luxembourg Gardens in the direction of the Ministry of National Education.

Castex and Blanquer do not respond to claims

After a very well-attended strike last Thursday, which brought together all the education unions, several of them – FSU, CGT Educ’action, FO and SUD Education, as well as the FCPE, the first parents’ organization, and the high school student movements FIDL, MNL and La Voix lycéenne – had called for “continuing the mobilization”, by committing “to a new day of action on Thursday, including through a strike”. They believe that “the chaos generated by the management of the health crisis deserves strong responses, beyond the commitments made”.

Last Thursday, exasperated by the waltz of health protocols linked to Covid-19, the staff of National Education went on massive strike and demonstrated. Nearly 78,000 people marched in France, including 8,200 in Paris, according to the Interior Ministry. 38.5% of teachers had gone on strike in nursery and elementary schools and 23.7% in middle and high schools, according to the Ministry of Education, the FSU, the main union, announcing much higher figures ( respectively 75% and 62%).

The unions had been received by Prime Minister Jean Castex and the Minister of Education, Jean-Michel Blanquer, who had promised “five million FFP2 masks” for teachers and more replacements for absent teachers. “Not sufficient” announcements for the unions, which called for “creating all the positions necessary to ensure replacements” and “providing schools and establishments with protective equipment in sufficient numbers, well beyond the volumes announced”. “Mr. Castex and Mr. Blanquer do not respond to the demands, and even if they were shaken by the demonstration, they did not take the measure of the chaos which reigns in the schools and which continues”, underlined with from AFP Christophe Lalande from FO.

A lesser mobilization this Thursday?

The unions have already called for a strike on January 27, as part of the day of interprofessional mobilization for wages and employment. They expect this Thursday to be less mobilized, both in number of strikers and demonstrators. But other actions are also planned to “maintain the momentum”, including rallies, towing operations in front of schools or “happenings” to “highlight demands”, in particular on the theme of holidays in Ibiza of Minister Jean-Michel Blanquer, according to Sophie Vénétitay, general secretary of Snes-FSU, the first union of the second degree (colleges and high schools).

As of Wednesday evening, a dozen people, some in swimsuits and wearing masks bearing the effigy of Jean-Michel Blanquer, danced in front of the Ministry of Education, on the wall of which had been affixed a sign “Meeting protocol health in progress, do not disturb the Minister”, according to images by the journalist from Brut Rémy Buisine. The police forced them out.

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