Friday, May 27

Fake parking ticket scam: what is this increasingly widespread scam?

Near Montpellier (Hérault), a motorist received, by post, a payment notice to pay 50 euros for the post-parking package (FPS). If the document seemed authentic, it was ultimately a trick.

Indeed, this letter strongly resembles that sent by the Ministry of the Interior.

So much so that the license plate and the make of the vehicle were mentioned in the payment notice.

Nevertheless, a detail challenged the man. On the fine, an address located in Paris was indicated and seemed suspicious to the eyes of the man who, without his vigilance, could have been a victim.

Police worried

Doubtful, the motorist thus preferred to entrust the documents to the gendarmerie of Castries.

According to information fromNews Occitania, the police would have quickly come to the conclusion that they were perfectly imitated fakes.

Moreover, this attempted scam, hitherto unknown to the specialized services responsible for tracking down these offenders, could well be repeated.

A new scam that would worry the authorities, especially if it were to target fragile people.

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