Tuesday, May 17

Guadeloupe. Tourist found weakened and disoriented in forest six days after disappearance

A vacationer, from Normandy, 69 years old and wanted since Thursday January 13 in Guadeloupe, was found “weakened, disoriented and not having all his wits” Wednesday January 19 in the early morning “by a hiker”, in the Sofaïa sector in Sainte-Rose.

Found near the waterfall, in nature

“He was found near the waterfall, in the wild,” said Captain Rachid Boumlil, second in command of the Pointe-à-Pitre Gendarmerie company. “A hiker heard a noise and saw this man emerge from nature and come towards her to be rescued”. He was evacuated to the CHU without being able to provide an explanation for the days spent in the forest.

After the alert, launched Thursday evening by the wife of the disappeared, who went for a walk alone in this fairly frequented wooded area, the gendarmes had deployed significant resources.

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The man “was not able to answer”

“He was in the area where we imagined him” and there was “plenty of water thanks to the waterfall and various streams”, specified the captain of the gendarmerie who supervised the research. “It is difficult to understand today that we did not meet this person earlier who could still move” and his hearing should “allow us to better understand the reasoning in this type of situation, to better guide research”, a- he added.

The man, who “was not able to answer” the questions of the gendarmes “and to have a clear speech”, will be heard “later, to try to determine what was his journey” concluded the captain .

An investigation had been opened for “worrying disappearance”.


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