Saturday, May 21

It is allowed to go on a bang. Here are wines for cheese pop, chips, goodies and junk food.

Nobody talks about it. So where are the wine tips for cheese pop and goodies when you need it most?

At about this time, New Year’s resolutions tend to fail. The gyms know that. The grocery stores too. The algorithms, which in recent weeks have showered you with pictures of training clothes and broccoli, are slowly changing course. You know what? I think you should try not to be so strict with yourself. It’s okay to go for a bang. Especially now, when almost everything is closed, the infection rates are skyrocketing and January is … January.

So here it comes!

The wine column for you who eat ice cream straight from the box. Who catches steaks after midnight. Wine for snacks and cheese pop, burger and capitulation.

Now, these foods are not exactly the curriculum of the wine exam. Drinking for cheese pop is an, what should I call it, uncovered area. It’s no wonder. Until Asian cuisine experienced a sharp rise in popularity around the 2000s, almost all classic theories about food and wine in combination have been based on French eating habits.

The raw material has been at the center.

Meat, fish or shellfish? Sauce based on broth, wine or cream? It is classic, but also old-fashioned. For the Asian cuisine brought with it other flavors, which challenged the wine list in new ways. Chili and lemongrass. Combinations of sour and sweet. Base with soy sauce or coconut milk. And what happens now? The emergence of a greener kitchen. Vegan menus at top restaurants. This is how bones stretch throughout our classic raw material thinking. Therefore, many wine enthusiasts right now focus on wines made with the least possible human impact, as well as new flavor combinations. What really tastes best with mushrooms and walnuts? Can beets, with their combination of sweetness and bitterness, become the new steak?

That kind of thing does not help you, if you just gnawed on the last gingerbread of Christmas. For this backdrop of theory often misses life itself. I understand well if the home office and another quarantine will discourage you. If you search for wine environments online, it may seem that people only whip bearnaise and shoot small game themselves. Exhaustion, overwhelm, disappointment and discouragement do not seem to exist. So now we take this all the way down. Here’s what you need if your day is really crap.

  • See Ingvild Tennfjord’s wine recommendations further down in the case.

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