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Jubillar case: Cédric Jubillar announces that he “told anything” in his letters to his companion

In two letters sent by Cédric Jubillar to his current partner, the 34-year-old plasterer regrets his statements made to “Marco”, his ex-cell neighbor, and asks for forgiveness.

Incarcerated in the Seysses remand center in Haute-Garonne, Cédric Jubillar sent two letters, which The Dispatch was able to consult, to his current companion Séverine. In these, he claims to have told “anything to anyone”.

This “anyone” refers to his ex-cell neighbor, a certain “Marco”. The latter, with a heavy judicial past, would have tried to collect the confidences of Cédric Jubillar through the windows of their cell. Then, he would have informed the prison administration everything that was told to him by the main suspect in the murder of Delphine Jubillar on the night of December 15 to 16, 2020.

On his release from prison, at the beginning of October 2021, “Marco” went to the place where the body would have been buried, “at the farm which burned”, as Cédric Jubillar would have indicated to him. Since these revelations, the gendarmes and soldiers have resumed excavations around the farm which went up in smoke in April 2021.

“I am sorry”

In one of these new letters, the craftsman-plasterer tries to explain to Séverine the reasons for the police custody she suffered on December 15, 2021 for “complicity in concealment of a corpse”. “Marco is one of the people who b…. to both of you, with false testimonies that’s why you were in custody. You can’t trust anyone, you have to file a complaint against him for slanderous denunciation. I had given him your phone number, it was for once outside that we go for a drink but in the end he used it for something else, ”he wrote.

Then, in his second letter, Cédric Jubillar said he was “sorry” and asked his companion to accept his apology. “I’m sorry to have been naive and to have hurt you and especially to have gotten myself in this way,” he notes.

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