Sunday, May 22

Lidl will also sell a baguette at 29 cents

A week after Leclerc’s announcement to lower the price of his baguette to 29 euro cents, it’s Lidl’s turn to match this price.

Guest of “France moves” this Wednesday on Europe 1, Michel Biero, executive director of Lidl France announced to take the same measure as its competitor of the large distribution.

The management of Lidl does not make this choice lightly. It is more of a “compulsory” price alignment, as the baguette remains a symbolic product.

An “irresponsible” drop

Michel Biero denounced the decision of Michel-Edouard Leclerc, president of the strategic committee of E.Leclerc stores.

Indeed, attacking a symbol like the wand would not be “very responsible”, according to him. It would also lead to “a deflationary spiral” and a “disastrous message to the agricultural world”.

As a reminder, Michel-Edouard Leclerc announced on January 11 that he was freezing the price of baguette bread in stores at 29 euro cents, or even up to 23 cents for six months, in the name of defending power. buying from the French.

A drop that had aroused the anger of grain farmers, millers and bakers, as well as the FNSEA, the leading agricultural union. In a joint press release, they had denounced “prices deliberately destroying values”.

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