Saturday, May 21

Norges Bank keeps the key policy rate unchanged

New infection record in Norway

In the last 24 hours, 15,987 corona infections have been registered in Norway. That’s 4162 more than the same day last week and the highest number so far.

In Oslo, 3296 new cases were registered, which is a break from the record.

Biden’s electoral reform stranded in the Senate

Democrats and President Joe Biden’s electoral reform, which suffrage groups believe is essential to safeguarding US democracy, has run aground in the Senate. There were, as expected, not enough votes to get over the threshold of 60 to hold a vote on the proposal, known as the filibuster rule, as Republicans are strongly opposed.

Among other things, the Democrats proposed making election day a federal holiday and ensuring access to advance voting and postal voting. Biden says he is disappointed that the Senate “has not stood up for democracy”.

Trump defeat in the Supreme Court

Former US President Donald Trump will not be allowed to block the handing over of documents to the committee investigating the storming of Congress, the Supreme Court has ruled. Trump has wanted to withhold the documents, which have now been filed.

This is a total of 770 pages. They contain the president’s diary, notes from Trump’s closest associates, a memorandum from the White House press secretary and draft speeches given by the former president on January 6 last year, before the storming of Congress.

The LO leader remembers Reidar Webster

– Reidar Webster was synonymous with the Ombudsman for many years. He unloaded many difficult settlements in his time, says LO leader Peggy Hessen Følsvik about former national broker Reidar Webster.

The news of Webster’s death came yesterday. He turned 87 years old.

Several mountain passes closed

Due to bad weather, several mountain passes in various places in the country have been closed last night. Among them were the E6 over Dovrefjell, Saltfjellet and Kvænangsfjellet, national road 7 over Hardangervidda, national road 15 over Strynefjellet and county road 50 Hol – Aurland.

There has also been column driving over several mountain passes.

Emergency aid on the way to volcanic Tonga

The first Australian emergency aid plane left Australia early this morning and is on its way to Tonga. A New Zealand plane is also on its way. They are loaded with much-needed emergency supplies and communications equipment.

Several ships with emergency aid are also going to the island state, but it is still expected to take a while. The Australians hope to send a ship tomorrow. It is loaded with equipment to purify water and other humanitarian supplies, according to Prime Minister Scott Morrison.

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