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People. “When it’s too soft, I fall asleep”: the (crazy) new life of Djibril Cissé

From football in the most famous stadiums in the world to sport at home: Djibril Cissé, ex-French international who participated in two World Cups, is now motivated to get the French moving. The footballer has embarked on online sports coaching videos with WW (formerly Weight Watchers). It was even he who challenged the American brand in 2020, when he was training his wife’s friends during the pandemic.

“It still shakes”

In a key month conducive to famous good resolutions, Djibril Cissé wants to encourage the French to practice a sporting activity regularly. From now on, no more excuses for not doing sports: with its sessions broadcast live, and available on demand at any time of the day, it is even possible, but not necessarily recommended, to do your session in pyjamas. It’s not just about getting back into shape but about a real personalized sports session, with more intense exercises for the most trained. “I am a top athlete but it still shakes”, he underlined all sweating at the end of his first live.

Motivation, the “base”

Djibril Cissé assures him, motivation, “it’s the basis”. He has almost made it his mantra, because finding the determination to get into the sport is not easy for everyone. He concedes it himself, “sometimes I don’t feel like it”. “One day we all have the idea of ​​swapping our bike for our console,” he says. But the rigor and discipline that the former footballer evokes is also knowing how to resist it, knowing how to convince yourself to give it up to practice your sport.

Be careful not to force yourself to exercise, you must above all “do it with as much fun as possible”. Fun for everyone, since coach Djibril “shouts, jumps, dances” and above all wants to “bring joy” into his live performance. And according to the comments, the fans give it back to him.

“Retired”, really?

He is active and does not hide it. After having multiplied clubs, championships and titles during his career, Djibril Cissé does not however lead such a boring life. As a reminder, the former French international had notably passed through Auxerre, Marseille and Liverpool, but also through Lazio Rome. He has also evolved in more exotic championships, such as Greece, Qatar or Russia. Punctuated with titles, his playing career was as rhythmic as his new life. Djibril Cissé is indeed a sports coach for WW, while making appearances on the L’Équipe channel. He is also a coach – it can not be invented – of the under-16s of Olympique de Marseille, his former club, where he trains young attackers. It’s not over because he is also a DJ, a passion he manages to combine with this rich program. “When it’s too soft, I fall asleep.” An agenda in the image of its sessions so…

Fitness walking activities will be organized by WW very soon in several cities in France, including Strasbourg, Besançon and Annecy.

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