Tuesday, May 17

Sale of weapons: connected guns arrive in the United States

Seen in science fiction films and already used in some armies, connected pistols that only allow their owners to fire should be marketed to United States citizens this year.

While the killings in American schools regularly make the headlines, companies betting on new technologies are anticipating new legislation governing the use of firearms on United States soil.

This is the case of two arms dealers, SmartGunz and LodeStar, which are promoting models incorporating high-tech security locks and which aim to market their revolvers to the general public sometime next spring.

A built-in authentication system

An RIFD chip contained in a ring to wear on the finger is for example recognized by the SmartGunz gun, which would be marketed around 1,600 euros, according to this manufacturer. Thus, if the pistol is taken in hand by a person who is not wearing the ring, a self-locking trigger system prevents any firing.

For its part, the competitor LodeStar offers the LS9 model (around 790 euros) which integrates authentication with a fingerprint reader, but also a Bluetooth system for optional activation via its owner’s smartphone.

“People who want a ‘safer’ gun can make that choice if they feel they need lethal protection at home,” SmartGunz chief executive Tom Holland told AFP. Whose products are already tested by American police officers.

40,000 deaths per year

With these identification technologies, these two manufacturers believe that their connected guns could notably limit accidents, especially when a member of the household or a teenager could use the weapon without the knowledge of their parents. Suicides account for half of the 40,000 gun deaths in the United States each year.

In 2020, more than 23 million firearms (pistols, rifles, etc.) were sold in the United States, a record due in particular to the pandemic but also to numerous mediatized violent demonstrations, according to Small Arms Analytics & Forecasting ,


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