Friday, May 27

Survey: 61% of French people approve of the new mobilization of teachers

Despite the promises of the government following the mobilization of January 13, the teachers’ unions consider the measures announced insufficient, and gather again in the streets this Thursday. A mobilization approved by 61% of French people, according to an exclusive CSA survey for CNEWS.

The teachers’ strike scheduled for today is thus approved by 29% of French people, and even “completely” approved by 32% of those polled.

The strong opposition to this mobilization is weaker, with only 15% of French people who are “completely” opposed to it, and 24% who disagree.

If the differences are not flagrant, the parents of children educated in primary or secondary school are slightly more likely to support the mobilization (68%) than the respondents who do not have a child educated at these levels. (60%).

Among parents, those of high school students are the most opposed to the movement (40% disagree) while those of children in kindergarten or CP are the most supportive of the striking teachers (76%).

A more sustained mobilization on the left

In terms of partisan proximity, it is unsurprisingly the presidential majority that is most opposed to this strike movement. Indeed, 70% of respondents who feel close to La République en Marche say they disapprove of it. The left is very largely in favor of the mobilization, approved at 91% by those polled close to France Insoumise, 80% for those of Europe Écologie-Les Verts, and 70% by those of the Socialist Party.

The other side of the political spectrum remains rather mixed: as a whole, the French on the right approve of the movement at 53%. He is more supported by respondents close to the National Rally (73% agree) than by those of the Republicans (35% agree).

According to CSA, the strong support for this mobilization is explained by the “very good image” enjoyed by teachers in public opinion. “Support for strikes is often important, regardless of the minister opposite. We also read there a great fed up of the parents of students in the face of the health protocol in the schools”, specifies the polling institute, for which the controversy concerning Jean-Michel Blanquer, on vacation in Ibiza during the announcement of the new protocol, is probably not going to serve the government.

Despite the Minister’s announcement of the distribution of 5 million FFP2 masks to teachers and the recruitment of 3,300 contract workers to meet the needs of replacements, the unions consider these promises still insufficient. They are calling in particular for the postponement of specialty tests for final year students, the distribution of more protective equipment for National Education officials to deal with the resumption of the epidemic, and the immediate recruitment of personnel without having recourse to the lists. complementary.

CSA survey conducted by self-administered online questionnaire on January 18 and 19 on a representative national sample of 1,000 people aged 18 and over.

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