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The Moss heroes about Eggen: – Turned the city upside down

Nils Arne Eggen is best remembered for the ups and downs as coach of Rosenborg, but it was in Moss that his “modern” adventure began.

REJECTED: In 2017, Nils Arne Eggen took the trip to Moss to meet the “old guys” who won the series in 1987, with Eggen as coach.

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The egg fell asleep quietly until Wednesday night.

– It was an innmari sad message to get, I was simply really sorry. He was a wonderfully nice man, and it was in Moss that it started, says Carsten Bachke to VG. He played for Moss from 1985 to 1990. In 1986 he got a then 45 year old Eggen as coach.

The first season ended with promotion to the 1st division, as the top division was called at the time. The following year, Moss became league champion, before Eggen traveled home to Trondheim and started a historic triumphal procession with Rosenborg.

– It was an absolutely fantastic achievement. I must say that we would not have managed without Nils Arne, I am completely convinced of that. He got the players in the right places and drilled us into the 4-3-3 system, says Bachke.

GOOOOD MOOD: From left Jan Kristian Fjærestad, Gjermund Haugeneset and Erland Johnsen enjoy themselves in Nils Arne Eggen’s company in 2017.

In 2017, the Moss heroes and Eggen were reunited in Moss, to mark that it was 30 years since they won the series. The egg came in a wheelchair.

– It was just like we were done with a match or training. We had not seen each other in many years, many of us. The conversation was reasonably loud, and it was incredible that Nils took the trip down and joined the celebration, it was absolutely fantastic, says Geir Henæs about the gathering.

At the reunion was also Rune Tangen, who played under Eggen both in Moss and in Rosenborg.

– I am very humble that I have had him as a coach. I had him as a coach for five years, in Moss and Rosenborg. These are definitely the best years I had as a football player, says Tangen.

MOSSESJEF: The edge on the sideline against Molde in the series final in 1987.

A number of players and coaches shared their stories on Wednesday and paid tribute to one of Norway’s biggest football profiles of all time. Among those who played during Eggen in Moss, there are a number of good memories to be found.

– I will never forget when we came back to Moss and the celebration that was. The whole of Moss was on its feet, and it may be a long time until next time, says Geir Henæs to VG about when Moss became league champion in 1987 and adds:

– He came to Moss and turned the city upside down.

Henæs played for Moss in the period 1977 to 1988. In 1984, Einar Aas returned to the club, after playing for Bayern Munich and Nottingham Forest.

– Something always happened when Nils Arne was nearby, he had a commitment that impressed me greatly. He was on the small details and the big overview, Aas recalls.

Former teammate Bachke especially remembers a situation on Moss’ training field.

– We often played on small courts, and then Nils Arne had to finish in a training session. Then I got into a duel and we collided. I pulled up so he was lying on the grass. He’s trying to get up to take me. The others were laughing to death, and I asked against the fence on the other side, says Bachke, but shortly after came reasom adds that shortly afterwards the angel came:

– Carsten, I’m not mad at you, you know.

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