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The princess was given a tour of the Storting: – It was very educational to be here

The President of the Storting and Princess Ingrid Alexandra joked about the beautiful view of the Palace when she visited the Storting and his office. She thinks the visit was instructive.

Princess Ingrid Alexandra was received by Storting President Masud Gharahkhani when she arrived at the Storting on an official visit in connection with her 18th birthday.

– We boast of this office. We say that it is Norway’s most beautiful office, said Storting President Masud Gharahkhani (Labor Party), who received the princess on Løvebakken in connection with her official day on Friday.

The meeting at the Storting’s office also included Vice President Svein Harberg (H) and the Storting’s youngest representative, 20-year-old Maren Grøthe (Sp).

When they had sat down at the meeting table, the President of the Storting noticed that there was a great view of the Palace from the princess’ place at the meeting table.

“Very well,” replied the princess, chuckling from the room.

There was a good atmosphere when Princess Ingrid Alexandra visited the office of President of the Storting Masud Gharahkhani. From left Svein Harberg (H), Masud Gharahkhani (Labor Party), Maren Grøthe (Social Democrats) and adjutant.

Tour of the Storting

On the way out of the Storting, the princess thanked for allowing her to visit.

“It was very instructive to be here,” she told Gharahkhani.

The visit to the Storting started with the princess being received on Løvebakken by Gharahkhani. She was then given a tour of the Storting hall, where the president told about the interior, the architecture and Oscar Wergeland’s famous painting “Eidsvold 1814”.

Gharahkhani also talked about the idea behind the location of the parliamentary representatives, who are in alphabetical order by constituency, as well as about the location of the press lodge and the audience gallery.

The President of the Storting took the opportunity to say that he appreciates the short distances between the people and the elected representatives.

– Almost every day there are residents who come and hold appeals and demonstrations. Here we run and discuss the issues, and there is the sound of the people who are concerned with those issues. It shows how small the distances are between the Storting and the people, and also the Palace and the people, he said.

Princess Ingrid Alexandra in the meeting with the Storting’s president, vice president and youngest parliamentary representative on Thursday.

Signed guestbook

Princess Ingrid Alexandra also signed a guest book. And on her way out of the Storting, she and the President of the Storting stopped at the new painting by Karen Platou, the first woman elected to a permanent seat in the Storting.

They also stopped at the paintings of the oaths of King Olav, King Harald and King Haakon.

When Crown Prince Haakon was given the same tour on his 18th birthday, it was then-President of the Storting Jo Benkow who showed him around.

Princess Ingrid Alexandra was on an official visit to the Storting on Thursday.


Princess Ingrid Alexandra’s 18th birthday celebration is not quite like everyone else’s. The day before the birthday itself, she is sent around to learn more about the Storting, the Supreme Court and the government.

On the day Ingrid Alexandra becomes queen, she will also be responsible for the solemn opening of the Storting every autumn. Her father, Crown Prince Haakon, has been with the king on this ever since he was 18 years old and a new Crown Prince in 1991.

It is uncertain whether Ingrid Alexandra will attend these openings in the future, but the day before her 18th birthday, she will at least meet in the Storting to learn more about the institution.

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