Tuesday, May 17

Unusual. Her son bakes a cannabis brownie, she serves it in a retirement club

On the morning of Tuesday, January 11 in South Dakota, a 73-year-old American woman was about to go to the card game club for retirees to which she belongs, when she found in the kitchen a brownie left by her son of 43 years old, still sleeping. She then decided to take part of it, tell it New York Post.

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A few hours later, the police are informed that several of the seniors present at the club are victims of intoxication. Realizing that all these people had eaten the same cake, the police went to the home of the woman who had brought it, who told them that it had been prepared by her son Michael.

Recreational cannabis legal in Colorado but not in South Dakota

The chocolate cake also contained cannabis butter, purchased in Colorado where the drug is not illegal, unlike South Dakota. The man was arrested by the police, then released after paying a bond of 3000 dollars (2600 euros) according to NBC News. He faces up to five years in prison.

The American media did not obtain more information concerning the health of the people who had eaten space cake.


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