Monday, May 23

Vaccination pass expired, John Malkovich cannot access his Palace in Venice

Filming in Italy, John Malkovich was unable to access the suite he had reserved in a Venetian Palace.

In question, the vaccine pass of the 68-year-old actor and director who was not up to date, several Italian media reported yesterday. Passing through The City of the Doges for two days of filming the American series “Ripley”, the actor had to find an alternative solution after the refusal of the famous Danieli Hotel to give him access to his room, specifies the newspaper Il Gazzettino.

The actor stayed in an apartment

Invoking respect for privacy, the hotel, located a stone’s throw from Saint Mark’s Square, did not wish to react, reports AFP, which contacted the establishment. The ‘Being John Malkovich’ star finally settled on an apartment.

While Italy decided, at the beginning of January, to establish the vaccination obligation for its fellow citizens over 50 years of age, it requires the holder of a valid vaccination pass to access hotels and restaurants as well as transport. public. The latter is obtained at the end of a complete vaccination cycle or post-Covid recovery in the previous six months.

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