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Why it matters. Parcoursup: four questions about the opening of registrations this Thursday

D-Day for thousands of final year students and reorientation students. One month after the opening of Parcoursup to consult the post-baccalaureate training available, this Thursday, January 20th, the registration and wishing phase begins. We take stock of this crucial new step.

How many courses available?

This year again, the young people concerned (or the adults who want to engage in higher education) will be able to apply for some 19,500 training courses recognized by the State, including 6,000 in apprenticeship. Each course has a sheet containing information on the establishment: status, tuition fees, expected knowledge and skills, criteria for examining wishes, professional opportunities, etc.

The Ministry of Education specifies that new training courses are offered this year, in particular BTS (the BTS in naval mechatronics for example) or even preparatory courses for school teachers (PPPE). New higher art schools are also making their debut: the Villa d’Arson in Nice, the Nantes-St-Nazaire School of Fine Arts, the National School of Industrial Creations and the French Institute of fashion. However, several private schools whose training and diplomas are not recognized by the State do not appear in Parcoursup. The same applies to training abroad.

How many wishes to make?

High school students and students in reorientation can formulate their wishes this Thursday at 11 a.m. They must register at most 10 wishes and 20 sub-wishes. It is also recommended to apply for several training courses and/or establishments. In 2021, candidates confirmed an average of 12.8 wishes or sub-vows, 2.6 more than in 2020, stated the Ministry of Higher Education.

As a reminder, it is no longer necessary to rank your wishes in order of preference.

The next dates to remember?

The candidates have until March 29 included to add their wishes. They will then have until April 7 to finalize their file with the elements requested by the training and confirm each of their wishes.

Then comes the main admission phase: between June 2 and July 15, the candidates will receive the answers of the formations and will have in their turn to answer the proposals which will be made to them progressively. Between June 23 and September 16, it will be possible for those who have not obtained an assignment to reformulate their wishes during the complementary admission phase.

How to get help?

The Ministry of Education has made assistance services available to support candidates and answer their questions: a toll-free number, the 0 800 400 070 (accessible to people who are deaf or hard of hearing), the “contact” messaging system from the Parcoursup folder or Parcoursup’s social networks (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram).

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