Sunday, May 22

Breakfast bread for busy people

If the dough is wet, the result will be crispy.

Nobody likes a cold bathroom floor when you have just got up. Everyone likes freshly baked bread in the morning. These are truths that are difficult to argue against. And then someone has to sacrifice that the rest of us can put our teeth into crispy, soft and warm bread before we have rubbed the dreams out of our eyes. That’s why we have bakers. But the odds that there is a good baker on your street corner are vanishingly low.

In my home, it is often me who has to sacrifice the extra morning stretch if the rest is to get fresh and good breakfast. Therefore, I have learned some methods to make the night as long as possible and the baking time increasingly effective – without compromising on quality.

On the contrary. With 10 minutes of working time the night before and 10 minutes before baking in the morning, you can have a bread that is far better than what you get in most bakeries.

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