Sunday, May 22

Covid-19: a Miami-London flight is turned around because a passenger refuses to wear her mask

A plane from the American company American Airlines connecting Miami (United States) and London (United Kingdom) was forced to turn around because one of its passengers categorically refused to wear her mask, this Wednesday January 19.

“American Airlines Flight 38 from Miami to London has returned to Miami due to a disruptive customer refusing to comply with the federal mask-wearing requirement,” American Airlines said in a statement sent to the AFP.

Thus, the 128 other passengers on the flight had to sleep an extra night in Miami before being able to take off again the next day, Thursday January 20.

Registered on the company’s “internal denial list”

Upon returning to the Miami tarmac, the Boeing 777, which was carrying 129 passengers and 14 crew members, was met by police. “Once the plane arrived at the gate, the passenger was escorted off the plane by (Miami Police) without incident,” a police official told CNN.

American Airlines, for its part, clarified that the customer involved in this incident has been placed on the company’s “internal denial list”, “pending further investigation”.

In January 2021, the American civil aviation regulator (FAA) announced a zero tolerance policy towards passengers who refuse to wear the mask. In fact, for the past two years airline flight personnel have faced a very large number of reported cases of verbal or physical violence from people refusing to comply with this obligation.

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